The shortcut to creating videos that get massive views and make money.

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Access to your personal Video Influencers membership area and complete access to the full training available on all devices: desktop, laptop, tablet, and smartphone. 

VIDEO ONE: How to Come Up With Video Ideas

Sean Cannell and Benji Travis walk you step-by-step through the process of find the RIGHT videos for you to create so you can get massive views. You get to look over our shoulder and see the software we've used to grow millions of subscribers across our channels. 

VIDEO TWO: How to Create Powerful YouTube Videos 

Now that you have the video idea with the topic and title, we're going to show you how to build a video around it. We talk you behind-the-scenes into our full video structure psychology so you can do the same to see results. 

VIDEO THREE: YouTube Money Making Tips 

Throughout the training, you'll see real examples of creators just like who followed this process succeeding on YouTube. We'll show you how they are generating an income off of YouTube (besides Adsense) from a relatively small audience. 

VIDEO FOUR: One Hour Growth Accelerator 

The final part of this training is a one-hour masterclass where we help you jumpstart your success on YouTube. This hour-long training gives you a deeper dive into the strategy you've learned in the first three videos and shares our full roadmap to dominating your niche on YouTube. 

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